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CPA Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery Discusses New Methods of Teaching Ethics to Accounting Students

CPA Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery recently offered new methods of teaching ethics to accounting students. Ethics are some of the most important lessons taught to accounting students. However, accounting educators like Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery have explained that these methods appear to be outdated in several ways. The CPA and assurance professional recently offered several […]

Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery: Managing the Going Concern Risk in an Uncertain Environment

When things are rough, being self-sustaining for an extended period is deeply important. Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery explains why being a going concern is vital. With how the coronavirus has affected businesses across the world, especially in the United States, many businesses are questioning whether they can continue with their status as a going concern, […]

Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery, An Exceptional Assurance Professional

Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery – Is There Anything She Doesn’t Do?  Rachel Daddesio’s skills cannot be underestimated. In today’s business world it’s not enough to be an accountant. When Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery became an exceptional assurance professional she added a cadre of administrative, business analysis, as well as project management skills to her certified […]

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Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery Simplifies the CARES Act and Consumer Tax Implications

As an experienced CPA, Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery highlights some of the key consumer tax implications of the CARES Act. Recently, the Federal government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) to provide assistance to all Americans. While everyone seemed to pay special attention to the one-time rebate, the CARES Act includes several […]